‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’ by Dead! is rock and roll at its finest.

After watching the Isle Of Wight scene collapse around them, Dead! was borne out of four guys’ need to bring punk back to their community, and they haven’t slowed down since. ‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’ is their first ever full-length release, and it’s packed full of the die-hard restlessness that drove them to leave for London, tour Europe off their own backs, and refuse to take no for an answer in general.

Somewhere between Creeper, The Killers and Against Me, the record perfectly walks the line between radio-friendly, sing-along rock and unabashedly mean riffs. Petrol & Anaesthetic is a sexy and destructive leather jacket anthem, while 09 W9’s deliciously gothic prom-night-in-Halloweentown vibes are more burlesque than brutal.

With that said, what Golden Age really delivers on is pure rock and roll, whether it’s the tongue-in-cheek fun of Any Port or the complex, beautiful, shrieking chaos that is closing track Youth Screams and Fades. In short, you can tell it’s the culmination of a hell of a lot of work, sweat and soul, from a band that’s just getting started.

The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying is released January 26th, 2018.

Rhiannon-Skye Boden