A Bright Light in Netflix’s Library

Netflix’s big-budget Will Smith flick is enjoyable, but unremarkable.

As far as action and fantasy films go, the recently-added film Bright on Netflix was rather good. It was funny throughout, with some of the witty quips between the two protagonists, human Scott Ward (Will Smith) and orc Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), were hilarious. Their chemistry was great, and it really elevated the film. It’s set in a world where humans, elves and orcs live somewhat amicably together; yet still experience as much racism, corruption and prejudice as there is in our own, admittedly mundane, world.

Police officer Ward is forced to work with a new orc partner, Jakoby, while they try to protect a dangerous magical weapon that different groups are intent on killing for. While cliché and predictable in places, the overall film was enjoyable to watch. The copious fight scenes were good and in partnership with decent special effects, it was sometimes impressive.

Image: Vanity Fair

One irritating issue, however, were the ridiculous flips that the elves were continuously poised to do; even set in a fantasy world it was a little exaggerated. Will Smith, already renowned for his skill, shone in this film through his wit and unique performance. Overall, the cast was good, but Smith truly surpassed everyone and made the annoying issues fade from memory. The music was great and reflected the scenes well to produce more impact.

In any case, if you’re bored and are searching for a film to fill the time, Bright is an excellent choice. Packed with action, fantasy and humour, it’s one of the better films that Netflix has added recently.

Stephanie Bennett

(Image courtesy of Variety)