Acid, enthusiasm, and Red Stripe lives on – Randomer B2B Hodge at Wire

Deep bass riffs rippled through the cracks of Wire’s doors. A steady stream of enthusiastic clubgoers journeyed down the stairs, into the basement and through to a different dimension. Hosted by Jake Martin (Hodge) and Rohan (Randomer) for the Leeds-based promoter, Treehouse, whose third birthday party was celebrated in style. The sound of heavy techno came as an enjoyable alternative to Leeds’ predominantly house-driven electronic scene, yet this sound is not so unfamiliar for Randomer. These stomping 4/4 rhythms encapsulate his exciting six year career in the modern UK techno scene. Joined by frequent collaborator, Hodge, who’s appetite for these unforgiving beats also follows suit, the energy which ran through the course of the night was amplified considerably.    

Avidly avoiding the Wednesday sports socials, the crowd bounced into a unanimous groove from the sludging bass. The mix moved quickly, keeping us all on our toes as the intercutting of high hats developed a break to the abstract sides of electronica. Paying due consideration to their Leeds links and association with the likes of Hessle Audio and the Ramadanman himself, this allowed for a distinctly UK sound to grow throughout the course of the event.

At 1.30am we settled in for our journey to the left field. The tracks lengthened, the mixing lessened and the BPM remained electric, working instantaneously with the flashes of ice blue neon coming from lights behind the DJ booth. Entering waves of acid house at times, the excitement within the music could be felt across the entirety of the basement, with a crowd which were very much in good spirits. Cheers and piercing whistles responded to almost every drop instigated. The dance floor is filled with genuine warmth as acid, enthusiasm and Red Stripe lives on.

Tori Clarkson