Black Mirror: A Ranking

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Here is Lifestyle and Culture’s ranking of all 19 episodes from worst to best

Metalhead S4E5

While well-filmed and acted, this post-apocalyptic episode with a very violent dog-like machine pursuing a woman is just boring. In another show, this might’ve been a standout, but this is Black Mirror.

Playtest S3E2

Following an American abroad who’s trying to make money by testing a new and advanced gaming system, this episode relies more on horror elements than anything else, which really doesn’t fit with what makes Black Mirror episodes so good.

Arkangel S4E2

When a worried mother agrees to have a chip implanted in her daughters brain which allows her to see what her daughter is doing at all, everything goes wrong. The concept is interesting, but the episode is just too sad and unsettling.

Crocodile S4E3

This upsetting story about a woman who goes to great lengths to hide a dark secret is visually interesting and incredibly acted, but makes you want to tear out your hair at her actions.

Men Against Fire S3E5

In another instance of chips implanted in heads being a terrible idea, this story follows a soldier tasked with killing ‘roaches’-zombie-esque monsters. What unfolds is a lot more sinister than expected.

Fifteen Million Merits S1E2

This story about a society in which people work out to collect merits to buy their chance at fame and success is a perfect parable for our capitalistic society.

The Waldo Moment S2E3

Having watched this episode about a crass animated bear running for office in the lead-up to the 2016 American presidential election was downright eerie. A prime example of Black Mirror being too prophetic for its own good.

Be Right Back S2E1 When an expecting mother loses her boyfriend in an accident, she’s introduced to software that can allow her to communicate with an A.I. version of him. While emotionally gutting, the ending is just disappointing.

Nosedive S3E1

In a society where everyone’s success in life is based on a social media rating system, everything seems a bit too bright and fake. The front we put on social media is amplified and personified in this episode by the characters who vie for higher ratings. While the message is true, it’s a bit preachy.

Shut Up and Dance S3E3 AND White Bear S2E2

Both of these episodes are wild rides. In the former, a young man is blackmailed and forced to carry out a set of tasks with increasing stakes. In the latter, a woman with amnesia tries to escape a neighbourhood where she’s being hunted. Both are solid stories with twists that will shock you and leave you discussing ethics with your friends.

Black Museum S4E6

A woman goes to Black Museum, which hosts a collection of technological advancements that stripped people of their humanity in various sinister ways. This episode gives us a glimpse into the Black Mirror universe and the interconnectedness of the stories.

Hated In the Nation S3E6

When a detective tries to solve a set of strange murders attached to social media incidences, her only lead is the artificial bees created to pollinate the planet. This succeeds as an excellent murder mystery, an allegory about the dangers of social media, and a warning to save the bees.

The Entire History of You S1E3

Set in a future where everyone has implants that let them record and rewatch their life, this story follows a man who becomes obsessed with finding out whether his wife cheated. This episode pushes a message that Black Mirror continues to push each season: for the love of god, don’t get technology implanted into your head.

Hang the DJ S4E4 AND San Junipero S3E4

In Hang the DJ, people are paired up and given a time limit on all their romantic interactions, which doesn’t work for one couple. San Junipero has everything you could ever want: 80s nostalgia, a signature Black Mirror tech twist, and a beautiful romance.  These episodes inspire hope in technology and give us romances for the new age.

Jade Verbick