From 70’s rock to 80’s disco: what’s coming up in the new year

Isabella Minns talks us through why she’s swapping new year’s resolutions for fashion reflections and a chance to embrace new trends.

I am not usually one to make New Year’s resolutions. Most of them have failed miserably within weeks, leading to the familiar deflated feeling as you sit surrounded by celebration wrappers the following Christmas period as the year draws to a close. You reflect on the resolutions you made at the start of the year and how not much has changed since. You consider, briefly, trying again this year, although deep down you know the results will be the same: another year, another failed resolution.

So instead of seeing the New Year as a chance for new proposals, I like to see it as an opportunity for reflection. 2017 carried through the ultra cool 70s trend from Saint Laurent’s previous 2016 collections. 70s influences cemented themselves in 2017 identity. Before this new wave of style influence, I looked upon the 70s as a decade fashion should forget. Flares? Gross. Platforms? Fancy dress. But Saint Laurent’s rocking collection stole probably one of the best things of the 70s – the music. Elements of The Rolling Stones can be detected with military style jackets and gorgeous oversized cream furs. Gucci also surfaced some of the 70s greatest looks in a more colourful manner drawing upon the synonymous boho hippy culture of the era with floral patterns present throughout collections. 

On campus, 70s vibes have also circulated with sheepskin jackets, teddy coats and fabulously huge furs being the chosen companions for cold winter walks through Hyde Park. These jackets styled with wonderfully fitting flares have changed my perspective on the trouser style. The high-waisted nature of the trouser gives the illusion of a Hollywood waistline while the contrast of the tight fitting top with the flares elongates the legs. How could I have ever loathed them? Now as we reflect on 2017 and the 70s for style inspiration our Pinterest boards become inundated with iconic images of Jerry Hall and Grace Jones partying at Studio 54, or romantic images of Jane and Serge in the French countryside. There are also many current style icons who have looked to these greats to create their own style identity; just look at Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and boho beauty Sienna Miller. 

Projection for 2018 

As Saint Laurent’s recent collections see models sporting sequin tops with elegant shoulder pads and dresses with side ruffles, perhaps an 80s rival could be on the way. Colour is in, as our techno-society draws inspiration not only from the catwalk, but the fashionable figures that fill our timelines. Yes, I’m talking about the blogger, the vlogger, the insta icon. As society evolves, we must not ignore the power these instagramers have and what a platform they have gained. Now switching on the TV you can find the face you’re used to seeing on your phone.

An instagram sensation I have been following for some time now is Megan Ellaby. Over the years her colourful style has brightened my feed and consequently my wardrobe. Although some outfits I find can be a bit too much for my go-to classic style, Ellaby has educated me on how colour can be cool. Gone are the days when grunge and leather jackets were the empitimy of trendy. Now red tassle earrings, leopard print coats with pink collars or shiny silver converse have earnt their place in the magazines, on Instagram, and all over our high street. What’s more is this ability to experiment with textures, patterns and colours can make a look all the more unique and exciting. Each of us has a favourite colour or a colour that complements our skin tone so discover it and have a play. 

Prediction for 2018

Expect more colour clashes. Red and pink do work.

Reflecting on 2017 there is no reason for us to create new resolutions but rather learn from our previous year. Whether that’s style-wise, work-wise, uni-wise or relationship-wise. Reflection comes almost naturally, making it easy to learn from, and grow from.

Isabella Minns

Image: Pinterest