January blues: keeping your spirits high

Man Ting Yu shares her tips for keeping your spirits high in January.

Here we are, nearing the end of January! Exams are finally over, but although you may have nailed your tests, January blues can still creep up on you. The colder weather this month is a huge contrast to the festive warmth of Christmas, and as the holiday vibes fade away and university-related stress grows, it’s not uncommon to feel a little depressed. So here are some top tips to help keep your spirits up and beat the January blues.

1) Soaking in a bath in your ‘me’ time. Some researchers have pointed out that warm temperatures can lift someone’s mood. So why not treat yourself with a bath and music at the end of a day filled with lectures?
2) Skyping your family and friends. Missing everything at home can really bring you down, so it’s important to bear in mind that your family and friends are always there for you and willing to chat. Share your day with them – both the happy and sad bits.
3) Getting together with friends. Why not gather your squad and have a drink with them? It’s a really good remedy to relieve your stress after the exams and deadlines, and most importantly, you will avoid isolating yourself when you’re feeling blue.

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Another thing that might be stressing you out in January are New Year’s Resolutions. So many people are going on about how they have to get this or that ticked off their bucket list this year, but what if you don’t even have an idea of what your resolutions should be? If that’s what’s getting you down, here are another three tips to help you out.

1) Consider learning something new. This could be a new language, sport, or skill that you have always wanted to learn. You will definitely discover a genuine interest in something and add it to your bucket list.
2) Set realistic goals. Realistic goals keep you from falling into the trap of giving up halfway. Moreover, making progress with something, step by step, can boost your confidence and help beat the blues by making you feel that you have the ability to accomplish your goals!

3) Create plans. Making plans helps bring you closer to carrying out your resolutions. Be organised and do your best to stick to your plans alongside your academic work.

January will soon be over and I sincerely hope that the above tips can help. Surround yourself with positivity, both when you’re alone and when you’re with friends, and create resolutions that will make you feel happy and proud in 2018. You’ve got this!

Man Ting Yu

Photo credit: Pixabay