Leeds’ Buses Go Contactless

Leeds buses have moved with the times by accepting contactless payments on their buses.

The contactless technology was introduced onto the buses on Thursday 18th of January. The reason behind its introduction was to reduce the time it took people to board buses in the morning.

Along with the time saving advantages the new technology offers, it will also be more convenient for those using the bus as they will be able to pay using a contactless card or mobile phone.

The cards which can be used include Visa, Mastercard or Maestro cards with the contactless payment sign on them.

Moreover, phones containing Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay will also work if trying to purchase a ticket using the contactless technology.

The normal limit of £30 set by banks will still apply.

Commercial director of First West Yorkshire Martin Hirst commented on the introduction of the new technology.

“The introduction of contactless payments across our entire West Yorkshire fleet means that customers
can now switch from paying with cash to using their card or mobile and it’s pleasing to see that customers have already started to make the switch away from cash.

“Customers who switch from using cash to contactless will really help us in our aim to speed up bus boarding times and so I’d encourage anyone who has not tried our new contactless payment option yet to give it a go as soon as possible.”

Aysha Zaheer

(Image: ParkLife)