Seven Nights of Non-Stop Fun

As 2018 kicks off and exams are over, it’s time to start having some fun again. If you haven’t quite mastered the art of Leeds nightlife yet, or if its just time for a January revamp of your clubbing routine, we’ve got you covered. 

How do you avoid awful nights out at below average events in Leeds? To spare your wallets from costly mistakes, here are the city’s best events, a selection finely whittled down through trial and error. Set your sights on an event below, I’ve made these mistakes so you don’t have to.


Mint Mondays – With both Mint Warehouse and Mint  Club serving up their own unique offerings, you would be a fool to miss out.

Quids in – One pound VK’s, chart tunes and a chatty smoking area, the epitome of cheap and cheerful.


Space – Offering funky house and urban beats in the heart of Leeds’ town centre.

Wire – This venue’s small, dark and intimate basement frequently hosts the biggest names in underground music, offering intense beats all night long.


Warehouse – A seminal venue with a quality sound system which is the end point for all sports socials every Wednesday. If you dig rugby boys then don’t miss it.

Hifi – Funk and soul tunes that you will find impossible not to groove to with your friends. The stage at the front is a firm fave for people looking to show off their dance skills. Hifi’s carefree attitude towards those leaving and returning to the club on a whim means you can pop out for a midnight snack if you desire.


Donuts – Cheap, cheerful and on campus. With free donuts on entry and a cavalier attitude to genres, this fun-loving night has quickly become a cult classic.

Mission – Mission is a sprawling venue committed to house music in every form. Watch out for its intense lighting and powerful smoke machines, which are exciting but also relentless.


Beaverworks – If you love a night of adventure, even if it means constantly losing your friends, this maze of a converted warehouse can’t be missed on a Friday night. Beaverworks is home to some of the biggest events in Leeds, from Highrise to Flux.

Fruity – The night that needs no introduction. Start early in Terrace and go home only when you ‘ve grown tired of the Frozen theme in your ears and VK’s on your tongue.


Cirque, Goodlife, Subdub, Flux or Up4. It’s a Saturday night, what are you waiting for?


With Monday lectures looming, Sundays are built for the pub and nothing more. However, if you do spend a little too much time at the pub and crave to continue the night, Hifi is free on a Sunday, fill your boots.

Image credits: Wire