The Night Cafe are “set to become an indie staple”, Chapel review 25/01

Tuesday saw up and coming indie-pop band The Night Café return to Leeds, except this time to headline their own show in the intimate Chapel. Hailing from Liverpool myself, it is hard not to feel a sense of pride as the four young scouse lads filled the venue with an obvious cult following, their northern swagger honing the stage and thriving in this low-ceiling atmospheric space. After previously touring with indie favourites Blaenavon, the band obviously bonded with fellow northerners Plaza, inviting them to support the tour with their grungier tracks that The Night Café lovingly described as “boss”.

Opening with ‘The Way of Mary’ from their popular EP Get Away From the Feeling, catchy guitar riffs and repetitive lyrics gave the show an uplifting start as the adolescent crowd were already on each other’s shoulders and moshing; quite unexpected considering their bubbly sound but it shows the solid connection already made with their fans. As they descended into ‘Felicity’, the eagerness of the fans seemed to become problematic as equipment at the front of the stage became damaged and frontman Sean had to assert some order among the rowdy teenagers by yelling “my fucking guitar is broke”. This rock star outburst did not seem to hinder their performance though as they continued through their sing-along hits like ‘Mixed Signals’ and ‘You Change with the Seasons’, proving that
even as a young band they do not need to throw in generic cover songs to satisfy an audience. Finishing with their latest single ‘Turn’, their sound is ever progressing and with recently announcing some spots on The Wombat’s European tour, they are set to grow into a staple on the indie scene.


W0rds by Alex Coogan, Images by Sarah Oglesby