Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club Lambasted for “chav-themed social”

Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club have come under fire after allegedly hosting what the University of Leeds have called an “ill-judged” social, referring to its supposed “chav” theme.

In the club’s Facebook group, members were encouraged to dress as “lower-class” people complete with “luminous underwear on show,” setting aside their “champagne flutes” for “cans of K cider.”

In what was touted to be their “biggest social of the entire year”, the self-described “educated fair maidens” of LUUWHC appeared to post pictures of attendees on social media wearing tracksuits, carrying toy babies and covering themselves in tattoos.

The description of the event, taken from the LUU Women’s Hockey Club Facebook group.

When the story broke earlier this week, a spokesperson for Leeds University Union stated that an investigation into the event is taking place, with full support from Leeds University.

“LUU expects all of its clubs and societies to run inclusive and accessible activities, including socials. All clubs and societies commit to uphold the LUU Social Guidelines,” they said.

“Where we become aware that this is not the case, as in this instance, we will investigate this with the organisers and take disciplinary action against individuals or clubs as appropriate.”

Moreover, a University spokesperson stated:

“This social event was ill-judged”. Adding that they “fully support the decision to hold an investigation.”

According to the LUUWHC website, they are the second largest hockey club in the country, with more than 200 members. The club claim their social events are “legendary”, with regular Wednesday night fancy dress parties.

LUUWHC have been contacted for comment.

Jonny Chard