Residential plans to threaten the future of Canal Mills

Under new plans, the popular student club Canal Mills could be converted into residential properties. The 18th century former textile mill has been operating as a creative space since 2012.

The plans, submitted by Rhodes Asset Management and supported by ID Planning and Nick Brown Architects, are yet to be approved. However, if the plans go ahead, it could see the end of the popular student nightlife venue.

In their application, the potential developers describe the site as having “fallen into a state of disrepair” and is “no longer an economically attractive property”.

They added: “The proposed development delivers a high quality mix of residential properties that complement the existing townscape of the area. The dwellings are of an innovative design that will deliver much need quality housing to the city centre, including family housing.

Canal Mills hosts an array of popular student nights, including Primal Sound, Regression Sessions, Cirque and Bongos Bingo. The future of these nights is uncertain.

Mikhail Hanafi and Juliette Rowsell

Image: Resident Advisor