Some of the best love stories literature has to offer

We all love a good love story. A good romance to keep us happy and hopeful. There have been some amazing love stories in literature over the past few decades, so here are a few to get yourself in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

  • Me Before You (and After You) – Jojo Moyes – 5 stars

This isn’t your typical ‘pretty girl meets pretty boy’ story. The story follows Lou Clark, a young woman who isn’t the most successful or established, and her plight to find work to support her family. At the other end of the spectrum is Will, a well established and successful man, with a love of all things active and from a wealthy family. But as their paths meet we discover an unfortunate truth and both their lives are changed forever. This book encapsulates what love should be about. It doesn’t fancify the concept of love, but resembles a very honest and truthful representation of two people in love.

  • Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier – 5 Stars

This novel is another atypical love story. In fact, it follows the protagonist who is taken over by her seemingly unrequited love for the wealthy Maxim de Winter. She feels overshadowed by his widowed wife, and spends the whole book doubting herself and her sanity whilst falling deeper in love with her husband. A chilling twist gives this book an underlying theme of suspense. It is so different to what you may initially expect. Definitely worth a read!

  • The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald – 4 stars

This piece of literature is so well written and so cleverly revealed. The plot centres around Jay Gatsby, a wealthy man residing in a Long Island mansion, and every single elaborate thing he plans and does, enjoyed by the thousands, has an ulterior motive. What seems to be a standard and happy man actually turns out to be a man longing for the love of his life to return. His longing turns to desperation and obsession and leads to trouble. This book encapsulates how pure love can start out, and if left in longing, people stop at nothing to get what they want.

  • Twilight – Stephanie Meyers – 4 stars

This is a good teenage love story if you enjoy the supernatural and want a good place to begin. It follows Bella Swan and her love for Edward Cullen, a vampire. She must decide whether to give up everything, her family and her friends so she can join her love. But the unexpected happens and suddenly Jacob Black is in the picture and Bella must make a choice that will change her life forever. The whole series makes for a refreshing and light-hearted read.

  • Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare – 4 stars

Probably the most famous or at least the most referenced love story. Romeo and Juliet show the ultimate fight and desperation for each other’s love. The storyline is perhaps much more extreme than any situation people would be faced with now, but the challenges they face in their love perhaps encapsulate the struggles between two people as they overcome barriers in their relationship. The story is a must read for fans of romance and love stories.

Sasha Williams

(Image: Anthill Magazine)