PPG deliver yet again

After hosting the likes of Palms Trax, the Sheffield based party starters Pretty Pretty Good graced Leeds with another night of house and techno. PPG’s previous endeavours, alongside a spotlight feature from tastemaking listings website Resident Advisor, managed to lure in a crowd confident of a night of unrelenting high-calibre sets. These partygoers were not disappointed. Joe is first on the scene and his seven-year absence from the city is indiscernible as he makes himself at home behind the Wire decks, setting the tone with irregular beat tech-house. What’s most admirable, however, is his refusal to stay within the confines of genre and it’s his own soul tinged, avant-garde track ‘Tail Lift’ that standouts.

As bodies move to pack out the intimate basement, it is to no one’s surprise that Willow assists in turning up the heat. The Manchester-born DJ effortlessly feeds Wire a set of deep house with traces of trip-hop in a celebration of the North. After a two hour set, it is understandable as to why she is regarded to be tacking the monolithism of UK tech-house scene.

Wire is in full throttle for Hessle Audio’s Pangaea, and Leeds stands shoulder to sweaty shoulder to experience charged techno with no boundaries. Heavy basslines, veering on an acid house feel are much welcomed by Wire’s inhabitants, of which none are motionless. In a city saturated with quality techno events it takes a lot be memorable, but with a calculated line up of divergent DJ’s, PPG pull it off and Wire looks at it best – dynamic and frenetic. Perhaps, Pretty Pretty Good is too modest a name.

If you missed the madness, don’t worry because PPG return to Wire on March 16th, with Anthony Parasole and Mor Elian providing the tunes.

Grace Barker

Image credits: Pretty Pretty Good / James Reilly Photography