Love Muscle, Encouraging Safer Spaces

Love Muscle is an alternative LGBTQ+ club night that aims to save the community from “sonic evil”, by providing high quality nights filled with funk, soul, techno and disco. The self-proclaimed “pumping gay dance party” fills out Wharf Chambers, and creates a huge buzz across Leeds.

Love Muscle and Wharf Chambers have recently had to post on their Facebook page about the behaviour of some partygoers which has resulted in members of the trans community to feel uncomfortable at Love Muscle events. One Facebook user commented that at a recent event he was ‘pestered’ by someone over his decision to use a cubicle over a toilet urinal, an invasive and problematic scenario, especially for someone who is member of the trans community. The fact that these issues have occurred has been met with sadness and support from the Love Muscle family, as the event rightfully wants to achieve the best atmosphere possible for their parties.

As a result, Love Muscle and Wharf Chambers are attempting to educate and encourage using gender-neutral terms, calling for revellers to respect what the event is aiming to do and the space it is attempting to create. Using the reference point of an Indy100 article entitled ‘how cis people can be better allies to the transgender community in 2018’, Wharf Chambers and Love Muscle have encouraged the cisgender community to recognise the prevalence of transphobia in today’s world. The article includes points by trans activists on the importance of not misgendering, using your voice to support trans people and standing up in the face of transphobic comments and behaviour.

Steps like this are crucial to maintaining Wharf Chambers as a safe space for the diverse groups that frequent the venue. Love Muscle will party on.

Amelia Whyman

Picture credits: Love Muscle