Nightmares on Wax returns to Hometown Leeds to Showcase New Album

With George Evelyn- better known as Nightmares on Wax- back in his home town Leeds, a sell-out show was certain. With a sprinkling of younger fans and long-time local supporters dominating the crowd, the audience were well acquainted with the tracks- despite most of the show being dedicated to the new album released only a couple of weeks ago.

The gig begins with a backdrop of the Shape the Future album cover, kaleidoscopic visuals, an incense stick and an intensifying instrumental typical of the electronic DJ. Evelyn is placed centre stage with his decks in tow, whilst vocalists LSK and Sadie Walker poised on leather armchairs either side of him, and drummer Grant Kershaw and pianist Robin Taylor-Firth situated right behind them.

Credit: Saskia Bassey-Billinge









The band ease in with a number of songs from the newly released album, including title track ‘Shape the Future’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Tell My Vision’ before throwing it all the way back to 2006 with ‘Flip Ya Lid’, from the album In a Space Outta Sound. A combination of Walker’s raspy vocals and the clarity of LSK’s makes for indulgent listening on what can be described as a lyric-heavy album, unusual for Nightmares on Wax. A pinnacle moment of the night is Walker’s effortless performance of Deep Shadows, a song driven by dull repetitive bass and light vocals.

Evelyn uses the quick interlude as an opportunity to explain the motivation behind new album Shape the Future, telling the tale of how all our actions have consequences, which is embedded in the lyrics of songs such as ‘Back to Future’ and ‘Typical’. After leaving a meaningful message with the crowd he ends the night on a high with ‘Gotta Smile’, an upbeat track and a positive affirmation for his fans to take away with them, as he leaves his home town to continue on his tour.


Louise O’Brien