Nuzzle into Netflix this Valentines

Valentines Day has arrived and you’re without a date? Stick Netflix on.

How are you going to get through that annual slog of a day, the one consisting of vomit-inducing Facebook posts, happiness and love whilst you’re alone on your sofa? Well it costs £5.99 a month and it’s called Netflix, get your binge on today… we’ll allow it.

What better way to throw relationships in the bin at uni than by watching Fresh Meat? At first you might think that it’s counterintuitive. However for these Manchester students it’s all basically love lost. Giving you the opportunity to feel better about yourself in the knowledge that being single might just be better, as it ends badly pretty much all the time for them, those brief moments of happiness are ripped out from underneath them. Plus it’s just a brilliant show that perfectly encapsulates the monotony of student life.

Keeping on this theme of laughing in the face of the word ‘relationship’ comes the recommendation to watch Peep Show. Do you really want to date someone who you lie to your family about during Christmas Dinner? Or someone you grow a goatee for that you hate? No… you don’t. The major benefit to Peep Show having so many episodes that you can just pick and choose the highlights, inevitably those where relationships go poorly. So most of them. I personally recommend the Christmas episode for the infamous Jez and the Turkey incident.

You might just want to be so fully engrossed in something or questioning your very existence and the fact that humanity is at its peak on Valentines so you watch Black Mirror. Pretty much everyone has seen it, but if you’re missing any of the episodes I can’t recommend them more. As when it’s done you won’t sit there alone being upset because you don’t have a partner, it’ll be because there will be a dreading fear that any piece of tech in your room could kill you at any moment.

I suppose in the end, those on dates, couples or just people who aren’t really entirely sure where they are at with a person need things to watch together too, to break the ice and ‘chill’. Well honestly you guys can just binge watch Friends, Love Actually and Gavin and Stacey, whilst the rest of us spend the day with the person we truly love… ourselves.


Will Nelson

Image Credit: Hercampus