TIME.LESS: The Show of the Year

Leeds Rag Fashion Show is commonly known as the hottest event in the fashion conscious student’s calendar. With this year’s RAG Fashion show fast approaching we decided to find out from the team what’s in store with this exclusive interview. 

What is the reasoning behind it? 

This year’s theme is called TIME.LESS and explores the infinite story of time- from birth to war, and peace until death. We wanted this year to really stand out as the 10th anniversary show and this theme is so universal that everyone can relate to it. In a world that is constantly at war, fragmenting and dividing us, we wanted to make the show a celebration of the shared experiences of life. 

Which charities are being supported and why? 

Leeds Mind and Dementia UK. They both do incredible work, and we don’t feel that mental health charities are supported enough. These two charities address mental health on all fronts, looking after young and old alike. This also links to our theme as we wanted to show that all experiences in life, both good and bad, should be faced head on and not repressed as mental health issues often are. 

Which designers should we watch out for?

We’re really excited to be working with John Lewis Leeds’ styling team, as well as big brands such as Boohoo Man. But there’s also a lot of local designers that have absolutely made the show. We’ve really strived to use the show to showcase up and coming talent. You’ll have to see it to believe it. 

What trends can we expect to see? 

Because of the nature of the theme, this show really does encapsulate a lot of trends. We don’t want to give too much away, but expect to see high fashion, street wear, festival-worthy gear and beyond. 

What should we expect when attending LRFS18?

Expect more than a fashion show. We want everyone to leave with a renewed sense of hope in humanity, a renewed idea of our shared future and an unrivalled energy to implement change. 

How can we get involved? 

Come and watch the show! Bring your friends, your parents, your lovers, everyone you know. If you can’t make it, we’ve also set up a JustGiving page so you can donate and help us reach our target of £18,000. All profits go direct to Leeds Mind and Dementia UK. 

How much preparation goes into the show?

A lot. The committee have been meeting every week since the end of October, but the Directors and RAG Events team have been working on the show for 10 months now. We hope you’ll be able to see our hard work and determination reflected in the show.

How much are tickets/ when are they on sale?

Tickets are on sale now! They’re £12 for standard, £18 for premium and £32 for VIP. You can get them through DICE, a ticketing app, or we’re selling paper tickets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime in the Union. 

How many tickets are you expecting to sell? 

We’re going to sell out. It’s a show not to be missed. 

The after party… 

What can we expect from the after party? 

We’ve teamed up with Youth Club Sounds to host the biggest after party yet at an amazing venue called Duke Studios in the city centre. Expect to see unique visuals, special appearances and to hear some truly progressive music to celebrate the show. 

How can we get on that guest list?

If you’ve got a VIP ticket to the show, you’re already on it. If not, grab a ticket on Dice. Youth Club Sounds alone are known to pack out venues so act quickly – early bird has sold out already. See you at the front.

Lydia Varney

Image: @leedsragfashionshow