Wake Up Feeling Fresh

We all hate getting out of bed in the morning. Take a look at these top tips to getting out of bed with ease feeling fresh.

As we slowly inch into second semester, those 9am starts aren’t getting any easier. As the days go past, being able to get out of bed in the morning with ease is something I’ve yet to properly achieve.

It’s no secret that waking up feeling fresh begins the night before. So let’s start with the obvious. Diet, exercise and hydration are vital to being able to have a good night’s sleep and being able get up more easily.

Secondly, try to muster every grain of self-control within you, and put the phone down before bed. An hour pre-bedtime technology-free is ideal, but every little helps. Poring over your phone screen at 2am wondering why you can’t sleep, you’re probably staring straight at the problem.

Whilst a good night’s sleep is undoubtedly made easier by moving away from technology, when technology offers us a helping hand, we might as well take it. The free app ‘Sleep Cycle’ tracks your sleeping pattern, using the iPhone’s microphone or accelerometer accordingly to measure your breathing. It will set off your alarm within a pre-set 30 minute period, waking you at the point most likely to leave you feeling like you’ve had a solid 8 hours.

Sometimes, however, you might simply have to resort to brute force. Put your alarm far enough away that you can’t reach it from the comfort of your warm duvet cocoon, but close enough to ensure the sound gets you up and out of bed. And absolutely, categorically, no snooze buttons.

Once your eyes are fully open, and staying open, music. Listen to your favourite chilled album to ease you gently into the day, or if you’re too groggy to DJ, Spotify’s ‘Wake Up Happy’ playlist might just do the trick. You’ll be dancing your way out of the shower before you know it.

Also, make a quick to-do list before you go to bed so you’re not dreading the morning. You’ll be able to get your bearings more quickly and know exactly what you’re aiming to achieve that day. And if you fancy it, a spot of pre-bedtime tidying is never a bad thing. After all, a tidy room is a tidy mind, and a healthy mind is a healthy body. There’s nothing worse than waking up and having to sift through a sea of clothes to find that last clean sock.

Consistency is also key. Arguably a near impossible task with a hectic student lifestyle, this is something we can make a long-term goal. Your body will thank you if you can nail that routine, rather than throwing it left, right and centre and having your mornings become afternoons.

Having said all this, the best tip for getting out of bed in the morning feeling good is to have something to get out of bed for. Establish your motive. Whether it’s to see your friend later, conquer the world, or even just to wear that new t-shirt you bought, get up with a purpose, and start as you mean to go on.


Caitlin Tilley

Image: Health Magazine