Fashion in support of LGBT History Month

Fashion can stand for way more than just setting trends, especially with regards to such important topics as the LGBTQ+ one. The clothes we wear can have a massive impact and can be used as a peaceful weapon in fights like this one. By choosing what you are wearing, you can make an even bigger statement than words can ever have.

So how can fashion be used as such a weapon?

Whilst there are a lot of possible ways to make a bold statement, fashion offers a peaceful and powerful platform.¬†Fashion gets everyone’s attention, even if you don’t talk to them and just pass them on the street. And the way we dress does not hurt. The colour of a dress or the slogan on a t- shirt may not please everyone, but it provokes discussion and generates opinion through a harmless medium.

Making a statement

Power of colours

The multi coloured symbol used in LGBT History month is eye catching and promotes positivity due to the vibrance and range of colour. Through wearing the rainbow during LGBT History month (and throughout the rest of the year) you’ll be showing your support, whilst looking funky too!

Sometimes less is more

Many people are seen wearing nothing, or at least not a lot, on a Pride parade. The public display of a person’s sexuality encourages a celebration of the human form in all kinds of forms. It’s a sign that we should not hide our inner and true self and be proud of the way we are.

Making a statement

Another way of including your political opinion in fashion is by wearing words. We’ve seen the ‘sloganised’ t- shirt become extremely popular in 2017 and it’s proving to be a great way to express and raise awareness around important issues, both through a light hearted or highly direct approach.

Just go for it!

The crazier the better. There is no wrong or right when it comes to fashion, so in the end the most important thing is, that you spread this important message and wear your outfit with confidence and PRIDE!

Chiara Varelija