#Empower: A movement sure to be carried on

LUU Women in Leadership Society have cemented their status as one of the most active groups around campus, with a host of recent sell-out events aimed at empowering women as they leave university and navigate through the job market. Bella Davis went to their much-publicised Empower Conference to discover new ways of embracing female empowerment in the business world…

The Leeds Women in Leadership Society graced The University of Leeds in 2017 and has made a huge impact to say the least having been awarded Best Campaigning Society at the National Society Awards and Best New Society at Leeds University Riley’s. After more than a year of hard-work and planning they have managed to successfully create the Empower Conference, an event that has united students in a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in leadership.

Thoroughly thought out, the conference consisted of a number of talks from industry professionals such as Ed Alford (Vice President and CIO, BP) and Jessica Taplin (CEO, Vinspired), a networking lunch where attendees could connect with professionals, workshops and an entrepreneurship panel.

Speakers covered a wide variety of topics talking about leadership and future employability skills, how companies benefit from gender equality and why it is important in business and using business as a force for good. Additionally, they covered the importance of women in the digital and tech world, how to present yourself online by bettering your linkedin profile and working in an international and multicultural corporate world. The event was truly inspiring, allowing attendees to feel informed, connected and empowered.

The workshops were a highlight with sold-out sessions such as Three Ways to Empower Yourself with Business Psychologist and Women’s Leadership Coach, Jess Baker and Communicating with Impact: Getting Heard in a Noisy World with Legal Director at Vodafone Global Enterprise, Kerry Phillips. Other workshops that were run included Know yourself, Sell Your Skills, Win the Job, Body Language for the Boardroom and Why Self-Care is Important for Your Career.

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