Vera and Fitz hijack Wire and teach Friday’s crowd to dance on the walls

What a pleasure it is to live in a city that hosts the likes of nthng, Vera, Jane Fitz, DJ Stingray and Silicon Sally all in one week, in one club, over three separate events. Like a great deal of those reading this article, I unfortunately had neither the money nor time to visit all three nights. After considerable head scratching, I plumped for Butter Side Up to make my weekend.

There are all manner of genres that one could use to describe Vera’s set: micro house, dub tech, acid house, outsider house… But behind the booth, Vera’s sound is very much her own. It stems not from individual moments or tracks but from the ebb and flow of her selection. This applies to a number of DJs, however in recounting a sound like Vera’s, it is inescapable and essential. Her Friday night set had an organic vibrancy that moved the room in an endless rhythm. It is understandable why her long extended sets at Club Der Visionaere have granted her a loyal following. Through Wire’s faultless sound system, Vera’s set could have easily taken the party into the sunshine of Saturday morning and further. Her transitions were faultless, her selection, impeccable whilst her interactions with the crowd were both serious and loving (she even provided coconut milk for the famished few at the front). For greater depth into how Vera achieves such an irresistible sound I implore you to read the Resident Advisor feature found here.

If there was one DJ to follow such a set, Jane Fitz could not have been more appropriate. The acidic spirals of Vera’s final few tracks were picked up flawlessly by Fitz. If you have been lucky enough to witness Fitz play, you will understand how difficult it is to describe the headspace that her unpredictably psychedelic sets entail. Fitz saw the night out with an expertly controlled education in the beauty of what club culture can provide. A sea of closed eyes and pumping fists.

Thus unsurprisingly Butter Side Up, yet again, you smashed it.

Thomas Bennett

Image credits: Butter Side Up