Brainwashed?! – Neural Networks Society

Neural Networks society is a neuroscience-based society at the University of Leeds. We strive to create biweekly talks and socials, around the subject of neuroscience with a multidisciplinary perspective.

“Brainwashed?!” is an interesting and innovative talk about a new psychological approach to extremism. The speaker, Natalie James, is a second-year political science PhD student at the University of Leeds. Natalie is undertaking an intersectional analysis of experiences of the Prevent Duty in further education and training within Greater Manchester. Her main research at the university has focused on counter-terrorism, to reveal and analyse the roles of privilege and oppression in people’s experiences of counter-terrorism policy. Hence, her aim is to contribute to the knowledge production of how radicalisation and extremism are understood and implemented within the counter-terrorism policy in the United Kingdom.

The first time the term “brainwashed” came into public use was in the 1950s. Through this talk, the speaker will discuss the psychology behind the extremism and radicalisation processes achieved by the terrorism police and will debate if this could be seen as brainwashing. If this sounds interesting, then you are welcome to attend the free talk held by the Neural Networks society. The event will take place on Tuesday, 20th of February at 6pm in Baines Wing Room 2.06.


Ecaterina Pavel