Frank Ocean Serenades Us with Valentines Cover of ‘Moon River’

If you’re looking to shed a tear and wallow in the post-misery of Valentine’s Day, then Frank Ocean has the perfect gift for you.

Dropping a cover of the iconic ‘Moon River’ on his Blonded YouTube last week, the first new release since last summer, Ocean transports you to a heady world of layered vocals and distorted melodies reminiscent of his previous album. Ocean maintains this melancholic vibe that still manages to puncture you right in the emotional sweet spot. With a track that has been covered countless times by legendary acts like Sinatra, Streisand, Franklin and Morrissey, this would be an ambitious cover for any other artist. However, Frank Ocean is not any other artist and his ability to continue surprising fans with songs that repeatedly make your heart ache proves it. Be prepared to listen to this on repeat until Frank one day decides to grace us with some new music.

Alex Coogan