Fashion positivity in 2018: London Fashion Week

Fashion lovers from all over the world are finding their way back to London for February’s fashion week 2018. Designers presented their new autumn/winter for 2018 styles in front of bloggers, models and top designers.

This fashion week had two different purposes. On the one hand they presented new styles and on the other hand there was also a more political discussion circulating the event. Positive fashion. Since September 2017 the fashion industry has starting making some changes. One of the key aspects of fashion that has been widely focussed upon recently is sustainability and promoting ethical fashion. We are being encouraged to start thinking about the production of clothes, including working environments, and the resources that are being used in order to produce these high fashion statements.

So… it’s time to celebrate all the little local designers and give them their time to shine in the spotlight. As models are an important part of the fashion industry, we should not forget about them and there has been a big push in order to promote a sense of diversity in the figures that showcase high street and designer brands . This should help to show us the beauty of every single woman and push for importance on body positivity.

While I went trough the collections I saw a lot of women wearing different blazers, suits and regimentals. You could probably say it’s in touch with the feminist movement. Designers took pieces out of typically men’s fashion and included them in women’s fashion, blurring the lines on gendered fashion and highlighting the creativity of unisex fashion. The other trend I noticed was that many of the designers used prints and bold, brilliant colours. Seems like designers were really focussing on the celebration of human life, encouraging unity and solidarity through the art of fashion.

Chiara Varelija

Image: Getty Images