Trends Alert: stay in touch with style in 2018

Keeping up with the trends in such a rapidly changing fashion world can be near impossible, however fashion writer, Jemima Ward, is here to help. As winter draws to a close, there’s more than a couple of trends that are worth trying out, whilst there’s also plenty of inspiration for the ‘sunny’ days ahead.

Weird and wonderful:  As society is becoming more open and dynamic, the fashion world is faced with the challenge of keeping up with consumers diverse demands. People are coming out of their shells with what they purchase, everyone has a lust to be different and express their individuality through clothing. Quirky ideas include a futuristic look that was previously only seen in Sci-fi films taking the stage,. Already, at London fashion week, Prada men’s 2018 shows this prediction taking place. 

The bigger the better: Oversized clothes are warm, comfortable and flattering. This is a trend that has been around a while, however it will continue to get bigger as the days remain chilly. What’s more comforting, after all than that massive jersey you found in your grans attic or that hoodie you scraped off your boyfriend’s floor? Watch out particularly for huge roll necks, ideally worn with a messy bun for a lazy, laidback look.

Charity shops 24/7: A few years back, many were scared of charity shop items! All around, people were sceptical, claiming “It smells weird”, “Someone could’ve died in that” and “I’d rather buy something new”. But no more! Charity shops are becoming increasingly popular with young people. Going charity shopping is an exciting experience in itself, it can be described as a form of treasure hunting, as you never know what you’re going to find… but let’s just avoid looking at that sad wedding dress they always put in the shop window.

Clashing is cool: Many have dreaded putting spots with stripes and animal print on animal print. But what’s better than looking like a zoo threw up on you? In 2017 print was in, with many purchasing striped trousers, checked shirts and cheetah print coats, but never worn together. But why not? Surely an outfit is more exciting with multiple things going on. Like double denim became cool, clashing patterns will too, and we’ll be all the better for it.

The urban gentleman: Blazers and tailored trousers started to make an appearance more towards the end of 2017, with both male and female wearing tailored trousers as casual clothing. Mixing classy with laidback clothing is in. And you’ll never have to worry about looking too dressy ever again! At the beginning on 2018 on the 12th of January, we were blessed with the beauty which was Dua Lipa ‘idgaf’ music video, which not only one but TWO Dua Lipa’s appear wearing suits. And not only does the beautiful choice of clothing make this video, but the message of self love (As Lipa kisses herself on the forehead)… self love is, after all, the most important trend of 2018! 

Jemima Ward