Mass Brawl In Headingley Bar

Shocking footage has been released showing a mass brawl at a Leeds bar in the early hours of February 17. 

The fight at The Arc, Headingley, supposedly broke out due to a confrontation between two men before escalating to include up to 20 individuals.

The ugly scenes show those involved punching one another as well as kicking and hurling glasses and bar stools through the air.

The men are shown grabbing each other’s clothes and stamping on one man that was laying on the floor which seems to initiate another round of fighting. One man is shown seeking refugee behind the bar to avoid the glasses and bar stools being used.  

The footage shows that the bar’s security attempted to stop the fight, yet it continued to break out while increasingly beginning to become more brutal.

A bar tender also stands shocked at what he was witnessing but from the footage, both security and the bar tender do not seem to be able to stop the fight, so the police were called.   

Detective Inspector James 
Entwistle, of Leeds District CID, said:

‘The situation appears to have started with a confrontation between two people that has then quickly turned in to a mass brawl.’

The fight caused one man, aged 28, to be rushed to hospital afterwards with head injuries and another, aged 21, to be arrested for violent disorder.

He has now been released under investigation, but police are still trying to investigate and identify all the brawlers involved. 

“We do have very clear CCTV footage that captures the whole incident and are working through that in detail to identify the main suspects”.

Police are looking for outside help for anyone that would be able to identify those in the CCTV footage.

Georgia Prichard

(Image: Daily Mail)