A How To: Layering

The Beast from the East has definitely made itself at home in Leeds, completely ruining the spring vibes we had in mind for the next few months. To keep warm and stay chic, layers on layers is exactly what you need. Style Editor, Sara AlHumiri, gives you the low-down on her top layering guidelines for you to follow, until we see the return of some warmer weather.

The Turtleneck

Uniqlo – £9.90, Topshop – £24

No matter the occasion, a good monochromatic turtleneck can solve all your outfit problems in an instant. Over a shirt, graphic tee, crop top or blouse – the turtleneck will add some edge to your outfit and still keep you warm.This sort of knitwear is a must-have when living in colder temperatures and is definitely as a core fashion piece needed in your wardrobe. 

Fur / Suede / Velvet

Topshop – £95, &OtherStories – £45

These holy trinities of fabrics are the perfect thickness for our current weather climate, and make any outfit look sophisticated and classy. Don’t be afraid to mix a knitwear piece or suede shirt with a big enough fur coat to look (almost) arrogant, but still fashionable. The different textures and possible colours can also be risqué, but worth it if worn right

A Classic White-Shirt

Zara – £29.99, Topshop – £36

Whatever the weather, a classic white shirt is your best bet when it comes to layering. A crisp white blouse or shirt can be worn under a plain dress, off the shoulder, or over a jersey long sleeve shirt. It’s an essential in terms of layering since it goes with everything and can be worn seasonally: with jeans, coloured trousers or a skirt – a classic.

A Mix of Macs and Blazers

Topshop – £79, Zara – £69.99

Layering jackets or blazers usually isn’t the easiest or most forward option when styling an outfit – but where there’s a will there’s a way: a lightweight mac and blazer can be your perfect combination. A patterned blazer and plain beige mac-coat is a great example of winter layering, by being rain-ready, warm and still trendy. 

Sara AlHumiri

Image: Pinterest