Django Django bring infectious psych-rock to Church

Earlier this month, Django Django played to a sold-out crowd at Church. Our photographer Kit Lawrenson was there to capture the carnage.

Django Django’s introduction into the music scene saw them bring a unique brand of quirky electronic Indie that made you question anyone who wasn’t dancing to it. 2018 sees them make a return with a sold-out gig for their new album, Marble Skies, a return to the infectious beats that have you bopping away uncontrollably.

As front man Vincent Neff entered the stage, there was a sense of awe and excitement as he readied himself in front of the stained-glass windows of the venue, Church; an unusually spectacular backdrop for a gig. Members of the crowd were very complimentary; “you’re a top fucking lad,” slurred a pocket of the crowd. A simple yet heartfelt compliment.

As the band began to play, we were slowly eased in with the song introduction before the venue erupted into a sweaty dancing pit with new songs such as ‘Marble skies’ and ‘Tic Tac Toe’. I found the newer music to be a slightly toned down in the zany department compared to their original music but still maintained high energy and, most importantly, still incredibly enjoyable. This is a theme that seems consistent with the newer music in general, as it seems to be looking to appeal a little more to a mainstream audience.

As the gig went on, we were serenade with a nice blend of all the best tracks from all their albums including tracks such as ‘Shake and Tremble’ and ‘Wor’, but my favourite moment would have to be when Vincent had the whole of the venue down on their knees before everyone burst up to the sound of ‘Default’. Even with my camera I couldn’t help but bob up and down.

All gigs must end, and with the inevitable encore, Django Django left us wanting more with their final song ‘Silver Rays’, exiting to huge cheers. As everyone began to leave, I heard a lady say, “I’ve never danced so much in my life”, a relatable quote for anyone leaving the venue that night.

Words and Images by Kit Lawrenson