Top of the pops: why side split popper joggers are making a comeback

Some have compared them to billowing tent seams, others (Leeds students in particular) love them. As fashion continues to borrow from the wardrobes of the 90s, it’s the popper sweatpants’ turn to join the sporty renaissance.

These things are cleverly practical and adaptable.

Undoing with a swift pull at lightning speed, they’ll be your best friends if you suddenly get too hot, or if you need to free your legs and make a great escape. In all seriousness, we’re unlikely to face untimely scorching temperatures and, as much as we dream about escaping the library, dressing for emergency getaways are not high on our priorities. But the options offered by these trousers do make them one of the most versatile and adaptable trends. Undoing just the bottom one or two poppers transforms the whole shape of the trouser, creating a kick flare and offering an opportunity to show off your footwear. Three, four, five, or maybe even…six (!) pops; be as brave as you like, these trousers can take you from day to night depending on how daring you’re feeling. Many choose to embellish bare legs underneath with funky tights- fishnets, sparkles etc, all adding detail and a glimmer of luxury to a simple sporty uniform.

Could they be the new Leeds puffa?!

With their sporty 90s roots and studying/ partying suited comfort, students have (quite literally) snapped popper pants up. There are many high street options out there, with favourites such as Boo-Hoo, PrettyLittleThing and Urban Outfitters all offering choices. I think that rather than stealing the stage of our favourite marshmallow coats, these trousers will be joining them, as we layer them up with our favourite trainers and sweaters for easy urban athleticism.

Left to right: UO (£75), Prettylittething (£25), Boohoo (£18)

So… who else is a fan?

Kim Kardashian re-popularised the trend in October 2016 when she glamourized the joggers with a lace corset and heels at Paris Fashion Week. More recent fans include the Hadid sisters and Dua Lipa, who’s cool looks have reassured any of reservations associated with the camping and ‘flapping tent’ fears.

Dua Lipa, Hadid sisters, Kim Kardashian

With their versatility, comfort and celebrity approval, popper pants seem back for good. Where you choose to draw your seams is up to you, but remember, these trousers will always be there to give you options.

Sarah Mortimore

Images: Pinterest