Leeds Student Attacked At Headingley House Party [GRAPHIC]

A University of Leeds student alleges he was stabbed, beaten and bitten in an “unprovoked” attack at a student house party in Headingley.

Mitt Malhotra, 21, who studies Aviation Technology, says that he was targeted by at least three men just before 4.30am on Saturday, March 24, on Spring Road.

It is alleged that the men began verbally assaulting Malhotra and his girlfriend, Lauren Best, 20, before they attacked him.

One of the men is said to have bitten him on the stomach for “around 15 seconds”, while the other two kicked and punched him.

After the initial attack, Mr Malhotra was said to be “absolutely terrified” and in shock, when he was punched to the ground for a second time.

It is thought that one of the men had a knife or blade between his knuckles.



In graphic photos posted on Facebook by his girlfriend, Lauren Best, Mr Malhotra can be seen to have cuts to his forehead – for which he required five stitches.

He also suffered a knife slash wound on his forearm and right leg, and a severe cut to his left ear.

As a result of the bite to his stomach, Malhotra has said he will have to have a hepatitis b injection, and will also have to undergo dental work for two broken teeth.

The case is now being investigated by West Yorkshire Police. If anyone has any information, they are urged to call 101, quoting crime reference number 13180138960.

Jonny Chard

(Images: Lauren Best)