LAAMPS Shake, Rattle and Roll In Their Playful Performance of All Shook Up

With endless humour, playfulness, and enough hip-thrusting to last you until next year, LAMMPS’ All Shook Up makes for a fun filled night. We begin in a small town where life plods along day-to-day: everyone knows everyone and fun is practically banned. Enter Chad, a young, energetically-hipped free spirit, who throws the love lives of the townspeople into chaos, bringing about everything from forbidden love to secret cross-dressing.

The energy of the cast is infectious. They have the audience laughing, dancing and sometimes crying along. Creative choreography from Charlotte O’Byrne and Kristina Kananaviciute brings equal amounts of playfulness and class to the performance. A stand out number is Let Yourself Go, in which stone statues suddenly spring into song and dance before freezing back into place. This number also gives a chance for the costume and makeup to really shine.

The cheesiness of the show could have been a little too much in places, but the good humour of the performers rose above any potential cringes and they managed to get the audience completely on their side. Alex Davison especially deserves a mention for his show stealing and surprising performance as Earl in the final moments of the show.

Indeera Shankla and Joshua Wren bounce off each other as the lead roles, bringing swagger and fun to the stage. Indeera creates a likeable and endearing character, contrasting with Joshua’s tough-on-the-outside performance – although he, too, has some brilliant moments of vulnerability. Both have incredible vocals which work well with the array of Elvis songs.

All Shook Up is very fun, very Elvis, and makes sure that everyone leaves in a better mood than they were in when they sat down.

Chloe-Louise Saunders

(Image courtesy of LAAMPS)