Coachella: The Best of the Best

Last weekend saw the end of the festival to end all festivals: Coachella. Renowned worldwide for its huge lineup, Coachella also attracts some of the hottest fashion trends every year. Sequins, metallics, glitter and kimono’s galore – Coachella has it all! With an infinite number of fashion crushes developed over the weekend, we’ve put together our top three.

Taylor Hill

Hats off to her, the girl knows how to put together an outfit. Working around a pink theme, Taylor rocked the holographic style; sporting a cropped top and mini-skirt, Taylor also paired the outfit with a pair of pink sneakers, managing to pull off both practical and chic at the same time. Also adding a splash of blue to the outfit, Taylor rocked blue earrings and glitter to pull her outfit together.

Camilla Mendes

The Riverdale star made a special appearance and looked fabulous in a flowery bralet. She paired the top with red high-waisted pants, flared at the bottom to create a more 70s vibe. Her go-to sunnies fitted in perfectly with the Coachella vibe and were definitely an essential in the warm, sunny weather.

Natalie Dyer

As opposed to attempting to work a sexy vibe, Stranger Things star, Natalie Dyer, still looked gorgeous in a cute pink button-down dress. To cover her shoulders and prevent the possibility of sun burn, she used a blue, oversized collage jacket. Wearing her hair in a messy top-knot completed the festival look perfectly.

Chiara Varelija