Outfit of the Week

1 . Handmade // 2. Primark // 3. ASOS

It’s getting to that time of year where cocktail evenings are a regular occurrence, and definitely necessary for 1) handing absolutely anything in, 2) completing absolutely any exam and 3) absolutely anyone’s birthday. With all these occasions to dress up for, it’s only too easy to wear the same dress again, again and again. That’s why two-piece party outfits are your sure-fire student budget winner; invest in a pair of fancy trousers and you’ll be set for life. Pair them with a simple bandeau on warmer evenings, or an off-the-

shoulder crop top; jazz up the outfit with a bell-sleeved blouse when the weather cools off. If you’re going somewhere classy (or even just Revs), try a pair of pointed pumps – you won’t regret it. They’ve got all the elegance of heels, minus the blisters, foot ache and tripping over after a couple of martinis (or, in my case, before). When you’re looking to accessorise, think bold jewellery, big hoops and, of course, plenty of highlighter!

Lydia Varney