Yo Yo LUU, What’s Happened To Our Rewards?

Leeds University Union has come under questioning following the disappearance of YoYo Wallet payment facilities in union outlets.

Yoyo Wallet, the primary rewards application used by those shopping in the union, allows users to collect points and stamps for their purchases and redeem them for food and drink.

In the words of Bruce Forsyth:

The past two weeks, however, the bright pink payment machines have strangely disappeared from tills with no word from LUU as to why, and as to when they will be reinstated.

A number students have been concerned at not only the fact they have not been able to collect points and stamps for their purchases, but that they have not been able to redeem them.

One Leeds student, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that they were finding the whole situation frustrating.

“I have spent over £15 at LUU since coming back after Easter, as I am sure many others have, and yet students haven’t been able to collect the points that we were promised we’d receive.

“I have purposely saved up my points throughout the year to treat myself after I finish, and now it seems I might not be able to do that, which is incredibly frustrating,” they stated.

The Gryphon can reveal that Yoyo has not been fully withdrawn, but technical issues caused by an upgrade are behind the mystery disappearance.

An LUU spokesperson said:

“LUU haven’t withdrawn the YoYo facility from any of our outlets. Due to an upgrade to YoYo’s servers and hosting there is a connection issue.

“Currently the options presented to us by YoYo are not compatible with best practice security protocol and compliance. LUU follows this best practice to ensure all our members’ data is secure.

“The Union is working with YoYo to fix this problem as soon as possible. If for any reason we are not able to use YoYo for the foreseeable future, students with YoYo wallet points will receive compensation. They will be contacted if this is the case.”

Yoyo Wallet has its ups and downs, it seems.

Jonny Chard