Brockhampton Continue to Push Boundaries with New Project, iridescence

A beautifully crafted project rising from the ashes of past controversy comes iridescence, a confirmation that Brockhampton are still dominating new sound within the hip-hop genre as they continue to push the boundaries of sound, theme and message.

iridescence manages to recapture the raw intensity and energy that this fourteen part collaborative are known for. Never playing it safe, Brockhampton have devised a collection of sounds that, when on paper, should not work. The amalgamation of talent, however, which the “greatest boy band in the world” possess, means each track is stronger than the last.

Conceptually the album is fluent in themes of negativity that delve into self-reflection and social commentary, bringing to light issues close to the group. The album manages to do so whilst maintaining a harshness in terms of sound that upholds Brockhampton’s edge. Each track exudes strength – a fire that can only be deemed excessive in the most positive of ways. With the darker themes that radiate most prominently at first listen, it could be easy to get lost in the bitter tones of ‘J’OURVET’ and ‘WHERE THE CASH AT’. Yet, thanks to the presence of subtle intimacy scattered cautiously over the course of the fifteen tracks, iridescence is perhaps the antithesis of Brockhampton’s earlier work. Its softer moments sculpt the fragility present in each mind, creating a coherent narrative that can be related to on most levels. Ending with three tracks that leave a delicate taste in the mouth, iridescence shimmers with distinctiveness as an album that is truly ahead of its time. Diversity of sound is truly present.

Jessica McCarrick