Post Holiday Blues?

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You’re back to uni, back at work, back to life at home. Despite having had a summer of action-packed backpacking or a relaxing a beach holiday, it’s easy to feel somewhat sad once you get back into your daily routine. It almost feels like you want to go on your next adventure as soon as you’ve settled back down.

Post-holiday blues is a really common phenomenon, so I’ve written these tips to help combat the disappointment of summer coming to an end.

Top 4 tips for beating the post-holiday blues:

1. Be a tourist in your own city/country

There’s so much beauty in every country and it’s so easy to take it for granted when you’ve lived there for ages (even I’m guilty of doing this and I live in London). So take a weekend to explore your city like a tourist would, and if you live in a small town with not much going on, you could always do a day/weekend trip to a bigger city near by.

2. Start to appreciate the beauty of the change in season

Let’s be honest, everyone is generally a lot more positive and happy when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, but the transition to the Autumn season is still equally beautiful when you think of the changing leaves on the trees, and if nature isn’t really your thing just think of the new hot drink flavours that will be coming soon to your fave coffee shop (hello pumpkin chai lattés).

3. Start cooking the food you had whilst travelling/abroad

One of my favourite things about travelling is trying new flavours and dishes from other cultures because they’re so different from what I’m used to eating. Recreating them back at home can make your meals more exciting and the flavours can make you feel like you’re back on holiday again.

4. Organise catch-ups with friends and family

Travelling is loads of fun but eventually you do end up missing home, so try and make the most of seeing everyone when you return. Have a good catch-up over a coffee (or cocktails) because it’s great to share the experiences you had abroad with other people as it can help you re-live the highlights of your holiday.

Can you relate to the post-holiday blues? If so, I hope these tips have helped!

Andri Neocleous 

Image: Andri Neocleous