Save it for the Met Gala, Guys.

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Sometimes, celebs don’t dress better than you. 10 of the best of the worst in celebrity fashion.

Image: Getty Images/Bauer-Griffin



In a bold move, Kim K simultaneously announced her divorce from Kanye and remarriage to the monopoly man through her jaw dropping dollar dress this weekend.

You look like at least 2000 bucks, Kim.





Image: Getty Images/MTV



When will your fav ever? Maybe the most iconic look Gaga has ever worn, and perhaps the most divisive. Don’t talk about this one in front of your vegetarian housemate.

Medium rare, with the peppercorn sauce, please.





Image: WENN




No, Gemma Collins is not auditioning for the role of Lil Pump in “I love it”, nor is this a chicken tender Halloween costume. This outfit certainly proves that shoulder pads are a trend best left in the past.

And no, I’m also told that Gemma is not on her way to the NFL.




Image: Pacific Coast New




Hate those days when you put your sunglasses on before the rest of your outfit and accidently pick up the rug instead of your scarf. Lenny Kravitz knows what I mean.

At least if traffic’s bad you can probably fly to work on that carpet, Len.




Image: Getty Image




Looking like a cross between C3PO and a Ferrero Roche is a bold move by Ceelo Green. Unfortunately, this baked potato couture never took off.

Not worth the effort, and probably also the baking foil it was made from.




Image: Getty Images/Kevin Winter



Poor Miley Cyrus, we can only assume she lost a bet to be wearing that look. I’d love to make a joking comparison for that dress, but I’m genuinely lost for words.

At least those sunglasses conceal the worst from Miley, if only we all had a pair.




Image: Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz



No, these are not extras from Zoolander, it’s Marily Manson and Rose McGowan. It’s a shame that no one reminded Rose that a bit of clear nail varnish can stop laddering before her whole dress unwound. You just cant get the staff sometimes.

We can only hope that’s faux fur.





Image: Getty Images/Frank Trapper/Corbis




Britney and Justin rocking the classic combos of jeans on jeans on jeans. Colour matching is everything, but sometimes you’ve got to say Bye Bye Bye and move on.

Sorry guys, those outfits are Toxic.




Image: Getty Images




Either Nicki Minaj was here promoting Nickelodeon or someone dragged her feet first through the kids‘ section of Ikea, one can only assume there was a clearance sale.

Sorry Nicki, time to take that back to Toys R Us.




By Lydia Flack.