Review: Bodyguard (Spoiler free)

With more viewings than Downton Abbey or Sherlock, BBC’s latest drama ‘The Bodyguard’ is the show of the moment. And for good reason. In a fabulously fast paced mini-series, lovable but unpredictable Richard Madden (David Budd) leads viewers through tangible threats of terror on home soil, wrestling with war wounds – both physical and mental – from two tours in Helmand, a failing marriage and difficult family life adding in a scandalous secret affair and power struggles at the very highest level of British politics and policing. Make a cup of tea and miss another plot twist.

Forget hoop skirts in period dramas or aliens in distant galaxies, this is refreshingly up to date and watchable. It lifts the lid on the fight against terror and corruption, and while pure fiction, continues to feel very real and relevant.

It’s got the bombs, it’s got the babes (but older and rocking a sharp pant suit) and it’s got the happy ending. What’s not to love? No spoilers here, if you haven’t seen it then clear your schedule now.

Tammy Meadows

Image: [Digital Spy]