Part-time job ideas

Being a student can be very expensive, so what do you do when you’re strapped for cash but also for time?

Looking for a part-time job alongside your studies can seem overwhelming. Academic and social commitments gradually fill up during the week, and before you know it it’s Sunday again, and your student loan still isn’t sustaining itself. However, many companies are aware of the commitments within a student lifestyle, and offer positions that suit a flexible schedule and a need for a cash flow.

One company that offers the opportunity to earn money alongside your studies is Opinion Outpost, which sends you regular surveys to complete on a multitude of topics. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home, being paid in points which can be exchanged for either cash, Amazon or iTunes vouchers. Through earning some extra money this way, you won’t have to commute anywhere for your job and can choose the amount of work you want to commit to, hours ranging from four to 32 a week. Jobs such as this one also require no previous work experience, so can be an easy way to make some extra money without any of the stress.

When looking at your CV, a slightly more engaging, committed part-time job could bolster your work experience for the future, whilst also earning you some cash. Charities such as Frontline, offer Brand Manager positions, wherein you accept a role of responsibility in recruiting other students onto their graduate scheme. At no more than four hours a week (22 hours in total each semester), you will be paid a living wage salary to run their social media sites, organise promotional events and distribute materials in order to raise their profile on campus. Part-time jobs such as this one offer you flexible employment around your studies and also provide you with valuable work experience; developing skills such as branding, marketing and networking with a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer.

Becoming a tutor for GCSE to A-Level students can also provide you with valuable work experience, as well as paying up to £15-£30 as an hourly rate. Companies such as Tutorful offer this role in the form of either teaching from home, or online, making it easier for you to complete your hours teaching a subject you specialise in.

Hannah Copsey

Image: [Career Trend]