Phosphorescent Returns with New Album, C’est La Vie

An elaborate musical portrait is brought to life by the American songwriter Phosphorescent in his latest album, C’est La Vie. In this new LP, he maintains his classic structure, whilst changes in intensity and rhythm bring vitality to this musical narrative; opening and closing with instrumental songs, the artist invites the listener to immerse themselves in nature and wilderness. A brilliant merging of acoustic and electronic sounds help to construct an innovative musical atmosphere. A perfect tribute to a nostalgic lifestyle, most prominent on ‘New Birth in New England’, is built from stacked layers of slide guitars and synthesisers.

C’est La Vie is unexpected, pleasing and full of a laid-back energy. Equipped with a fresh perspective and soundscape, this album is an improved and slightly experimental twist on the sounds of his previous release, Muchacho, showing thoughtful curation during the five-year gap between them.

Elena Sotelo