Places to study or read off-campus

Are you more productive at completing your assignments in different environments? Looking for places to study off-campus? Or do you just want somewhere quiet to do some casual reading? The city of Leeds offers you a range of places such as quiet cafés for you to sit down with a book or get some work done.

Tiled Hall Café

Situated in the city centre, the Tiled Hall Café is the café you’ll find in the building on The Headrow that houses both the Leeds Central Library and Leeds Art Gallery. With lots of tables and a delicious menu of comforting drinks and food for when you want to refuel yourself, as well as a range of seating from chairs to sofas, it is an ideal place, whether you want to read, study or do both!


What better place to do some reading at a place where you’ll be surrounded by books? The Waterstones store down in the city centre on Albion street is Yorkshire’s biggest bookshop and is packed with books of all genres. You can choose between the cafe located on the second floor or the many seats dotted around this bookshop for your quiet reading time. You can also study here too, the café here is also a good spot for you to concentrate.

Woodhouse Moor

On bright and sunny days, especially in warmer, sunnier weather, Woodhouse Moor is a great place to relax and get some reading done if you prefer the outdoors. You can also choose to sit in the cool shade under the big trees if the sun gets a bit too much for you. Woodhouse Moor is so big that finding a quiet spot for you to spend a good afternoon there won’t be too difficult. This big open space sits near the university and Hyde Park area, it’s also perfect for some fresh air away from your room.



Mary Yeh