Big Night, Small Talk – Review

Canadian DJs Peach and D. Tiffany played two heavy, scintillating sets at Wire on Saturday 30th September. 

The two are quickly garnering high praise, Peach having performed on Rinse FM and NTS, with D. Tiffany signed to renowned record label, Planet Euphorique. Having hosted heavyweights Avalon Emerson and dark dub enthusiast Batu the previous night, the Leeds club continued to hold little to no regard for the human eardrum. Running from 11pm till 5am, the night opened with a set from Small Talk organiser, Josh Bayat. D. Tiffany later took his place, choosing carefully crafted deep house records such as ‘Buddons’ by Big Zen to ease listeners in.

Peach was in much the same form as she was in her exceptional Boiler Room for Fleshback in Manchester. She had gauged that the crowd were no fans of Balkan folk music so wisely opted to play some thumping dance cuts. The night’s climax was near at 3:30am, around the time where Peach played ‘La Arabia’ from DJ Normal 4’s latest EP, Exotics. The track taken from the German born DJ suited proceedings perfectly; his pounding Berlin-influenced techno was eagerly cheered by the alcohol laden band of merry men assembled at Wire.

By 4am the crowd had thinned, a few had fallen at the wayside taken by the occupational hazards of Leeds’ nightlife. Towards the end of the night, the track choice had taken on more of a trance-like tone, with fast, acid-house style drum loops. Both artists blended genres expertly, with D. Tiffany also incorporating some excellent progressive house tracks. Near the close, after the pair went back to back, they played the 1980 release ‘Take Me To The Bridge’ by Vera, a charming disco melody chosen to beautifully contrast the previous hard, rave style breaks.

Wire has taken the right step in finding more diverse line ups this year, with Discwoman and Shanti Celeste coming up. The emergence of talented female DJs like Avalon Emerson and Peach is encouraging. It’s no surprise that Peach and D. Tiffany have events lined up nationwide as well as abroad. Peach is also performing abroad at the Sala Siroco club in Madrid and later this month at Undercurrent, Amsterdam.

Small Talk was as rewarding a night out as any I’ve attended in a while, and I’m sure that soon the great capital of Spain will be heralding ‘El Melocotón Grande’.

George Hayes

(Main image: Small Talk)