Tribe Records presents Textasy – Review

It is no mystery that Wire has always been a firm favourite for musical talents to play in. The intimate underground space boasts it’s Funktion-One sound system and DJs are granted an evening for musical takeover.

Tribe Records is a record store located in Leeds which, after several relocations, finally settled along Kirkgate. Situated a stone’s throw away from Wire, it has since celebrated its first year following the re-opening back in June 2017. Owned by Simon Scott, Tribe has gifted the city as the central repository for top underground music, hosting an eclectic variety of beats ranging from Detroit techno to jungle.

Scott (who runs Sub Dub, Dimensions and Outlook) was able to reopen the store with help from Alex T and Mike Greenwell (who run Cosmic Slop and On Rotation). Although small, the store is parent to an amazing range of records and it relies on regulars and music lovers to keep the store alive. Amongst the welcoming and friendly staff, it is easy to get lost when spending an afternoon digging for hidden treasures.

Tribe Records took over Wire on October 5th and presented a line-up with the likes of Textasy, Simon Scott, Sayang, Mike BC and Alex T. Presenting the best in underground music, performers stuck to a vinyl-only set. The night was a mixture of hardcore, electro and breakbeat. Pumping through the speakers, Tribe introduced the audience to an amazing variety of records, each preceding the next with punchy, rapid, beats.

The night was reminiscent of the 90s rave culture and is certainly another to look out for. Oscillating between electro rhythms atop of syncopated drum patterns and jungle beats accompanied by modulated vocals, the performance at Wire allowed Tribe to connect people with the best music in the game.

Molly Langley

(Main image: Tribe Records)