Is Street Style Still Fun?

Or over the seasons has it become competitive, only promoting one type of body, race and style.

Street style on the face of it is fun for everyone with particular attention being drawn around fashion month. Street style should serve to promote freedom in fashion and allow people to dress however they want, whatever their personal style. Yet in recent years, street style has come to promote the same repetitive looks on everyone; one style is the way to go. Even on our own campus, there’s never a puffer jacket, pair of flares of chunky trainers far from sight.

The street style at fashion week is culturally diverse, whether or not that is reflected in what shots end up in the round-ups of the months best dressed is another issue. Yet many of the looks paraded around after shows all look the same. Similar silhouettes featuring straight leg pants or a flowy skirt, blazer jackets, sunglasses and small, expensive handbags to top it all off. There is always neutral colours with a pop of whatever’s trending, with this season being big on yellow and red. This isn’t what street style should be about. We should be seeing different body types working different outfits and showing off their individuality while the time is hot for them to be spotted by the photographers that surround designer shows. Even in day to day life at Leeds, we should be dressing however we want, with a flare (get it) of our own individuality.

Street style despite its downfalls, will always be fun and a way to have full creative freedom without fear of judgement. From athleisure to print clashes, now is the time for fun street style. So maybe instead of taking inspo from paid bloggers at fashion weeks, we should turn to whatever we feel comfortable in and ‘werk’ it.

By Isabella Kemp

Image: Vogue