Watch, Read, Listen: the Kavanaugh Case

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There’s been a lot of noise in the press and on social media recently about the Republican judge Brett Kavanaugh who has been nominated for a position in the Supreme Court, despite facing sexually assault allegations by Dr Christine Blasey Ford and two other women. Being backed by Trump has launched the story into the media, especially following a series of tweets from Trump which undermined and mocked Dr Ford for speaking out against Kavanaugh. What is unsettling to many is that this man, who has been accused of three counts of sexual assault, will be able to sit on the Supreme Court, the highest dictating law body in the US, and ultimately sign off legislations in the United States.

Below, the video, article and podcast illuminate the key aspects of the case as well as give views on the significance of the Kavanaugh case and its wider context.


During the protests in front of the Supreme Court last week, a male protester, named Mysonne, gave an interview, not focusing solely on the Kavanaugh case, but giving a wider insight into rape culture from a male perspective.

On why he was standing outside the Supreme Court to protest, Mysonne says, “If you cannot come to terms that you may have harmed a woman, indirectly, not on purpose, and be honest as a man, then you do not deserve to sit on the Supreme Court.”


A great piece was written on the case by Suzanne Moore for The Guardian. In the article, she discusses the hearing in incredibly telling and emotive detail. The final lines of the article were ever so heavy and sobering:

“This is 2018 and yet apart from the cameras and the light that Ford shone, we saw a darkness. Gilead. A huge darkness, medieval and frightening. The American horror story unfolds in real time”


The weekly podcast, The High Low, featuring Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, covers culture and current affairs. Last week, they discussed the Kavanaugh case, really highlighting why the case is so significant in the wider context. Skip to 1:04:50 to hear Dolly and Pandora discuss the case or listen to the whole thing for more great chats from the new Ben and Jerry flavours to the Weinstein case.

You can listen to The High Low on iTunes, the Apple podcast app, or here:

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