Easy and Affordable DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween creeping up and little time or money to prepare for it, we’ve got you covered with six DIY and affordable Halloween costumes for whatever look you’re going for, be it sexy or spooky.


1. Sexy Scarecrow

  • Some form of makeup palette (ask your flatmates if necessary)
  • Old tartan shirt
  • Straw hat – easy to pick up for under £5 in your local charity shop or ex-summer sales.
  • Dungarees or Jeans depending on your style
  • Rabbit straw (found in your local pets at home – there’s one in Headingley by Aldi for £3)


2. Billy the puppet

  • Face paint or makeup
  • Black and white striped knee-high socks (try Poundland or Amazon)
  • Plain white shirt
  • Black blazer (perhaps borrow your flatmate’s if you don’t have one)
  • Red clip-on tie (sold in fancy dress shops for £2)
  • Black shorts or skirt
  • Optional – coloured contacts


3. Good old-fashioned mummy

  • A tonne of loo roll or bandages
  • White t-shirt
  • Stapler
  • Optional fake blood and black eye-shadow for around your eyes



4. Where’s Wally?

  • Your flatmates or friends can all dress up in red and white stripes as different characters – cheap red and
    white striped clothing are available in charity shops.
  • E.g. Nerdy Wally (glasses & textbook), Scottish wally (striped kilt or beret) or old Wally (walking stick or drawn-on wrinkles)



5. Fake News

With all the fake news floating around why not embrace it in this year’s Halloween costume

  • Grab a plain shirt.
  • Print and cut out the letters to spell out ‘fake’.
  • Roll up bits of an old newspaper and staple them to your shirt, skirt or trousers.




6. Purge

  • This is the quickest one to do, simply hop on Amazon, and order a Purge mask with your student amazon prime – they range from £5-9 depending on design.
  • Simply stick on whatever clothes you’d like and you’re good to go!
  • Optional: Buy a plastic meat cleaver from Poundlands’ Halloween selection to add to the look.




Yasmin Hewitt


Images: HalloweenCostumes.com, Narcity, DHgate, Funidelia, PartyCity, Amazon UK