Halloween Weekend Watchlist

In preparation for Halloween next Wednesday, Matthew Moorey gives a rundown of the best scary films to watch this weekend.

It’s getting towards the end of October, autumn is in full swing, which means Halloween is creeping up on us once again. But not everybody enjoys going out in their costumes that took hours to assemble. So here is a brief list of horror films that could make it onto your Halloween binge list. They’re split into categories so hopefully there’s something for everybody.

Action-Horror: Aliens (15, 1986), Predator (18, 1987), Predators (15, 2010), Hellboy (PG-13, 2004 or its 2008 sequel), From Dusk Till Dawn (18, 1996), Army of Darkness (15, 1992), The Thing (18 this is a particularly gory one for a horror-action, 1982)

Comedy-Horror: Shaun of the Dead (15, 2004), Evil Dead II (18, 1987), Zombieland (15, 2009), I really don’t want to put this but I feel like I have to: Scary Movie (18, 2000 why did they keep making them?), Tremors (15, 1990), Scream (18, 1996)

Monster-Horror: It (15, 2017), It Follows (15, 2014), A Quiet Place (15, 2018), Cloverfield (15, 2008), The Cabin in the Woods (15, 2012), The Descent (18, 2005), The Fly (18, 1986), Alien (18, 1979), A Nightmare on Elm Street (18, 1984), Halloween (18, 1978 and the 2018 sequel of the same name), the latter is in cinemas now) you could also put The Thing in this category too.

Zombie-Horror: Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland from comedy, 28 Days Later… (18, 2002), 28 Weeks Later (18, 2007), Train to Busan (15, 2016), Dawn of the Dead (18, 1978)(its 2004 remake), Day of the Dead (18, 1985), The Evil Dead (18, 1981)

I don’t know what category to put this in so it gets its own: Grindhouse (18, 2007) this is double-feature of Planet Terror and Deathproof, all brought to you by the brutal and gory minds of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

Matthew Moorey

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures