Rudimental Dazzles at the O2 Academy Leeds, 18.10.18

Rarely does a show ooze self-love like this eclectic performance of color and sound. Rudimental packed the O2 Academy full of bass lovers buzzing with anticipation, ready for artful remixes and modern beats that were thoroughly delivered on. The show was a slow burn as the artfully-crafted setlist steadily picked up the pace as the hour continued.

Image credit: Jessica McCarrick

While the beginning of the show left a little to be desired, the crowd soon sided with the quirky foursome and their entire ensemble as the set list began to deliver on sounds like ‘Lay It All On Me’ which had the crowd happily chanting along. Supplying superb vocals was the surprise addition of Ella Henderson, whose appearance was revealed partway through the set; the performance of their collaboration ultimately fueled the peak of the show.

Their stage presence created a palpable warmth throughout the venue, with the alliance of crowd, sound and performer. As lead Leon Rolle reached into the audience, we eagerly belted his own words back to him.  

Never before has an encore been so earnestly necessary, with the crowd chanting for Rudimental’s return with ferocity. The mood was charged with adrenaline as they stormed back onto stage exploding with their most recognizable song, its electronic melodies backed by a speedy tempo – ‘Waiting All Night”.  

A group that is no stranger to performing, having just under a decade of experience, knew what they had to do for their diverse fanbase who came together to watch in awe on this special night. We certainly felt the love and they felt it too.

Jessica McCarrick

Header Image via unnamed photographer, BBC