Blind Woman and Guide Dog Targeted in Hyde Park Firework Attack

A blind woman in her 50s has been left distressed after youths targeted fireworks at her and her guide dog, at around 8pm in Hyde Park yesterday evening (Tuesday 30th October).

The woman and her dog were walking along Moorland Road when they were attacked with fireworks that were being thrown from Woodhouse Moor. Neither the woman or her guide dog were injured, but reportedly she has been left distressed by the incident, and the guide dog attempted to run off in fear.

Moorland Road (pictured above) runs between Woodhouse Moor and the University of Leeds’ Business School.

The woman told police that it sounded as if three or four youths were involved, standing on the edge of the park and throwing the explosives.

Two ‘good samaritans’ came to the woman’s aid during the attack – police are keen to trace these women, as they are potential witnesses to the incident.

West Yorkshire police have expressed their discontent with the attackers and have said they should be ‘utterly ashamed’.

In a statement on their official Twitter account, West Yorkshire Police expressed their displeasure with the incident, saying that the youths should be “utterly ashamed”.

Anyone with potential information is urged to contact Leeds North West Neighbourhood Policing Team via 101, quoting crime reference 13180544785.

Zahra Iqbal, News Editor

Image: [Megan Cummings]