How to Get Over a Cold

Jessica Farmer writes about the best ways to rid yourself of the flu.

As a fresher, I have already contracted numerous colds since arriving at university. Thus, below are some top tips for dealing with a cold.

One essential tip to help deal with a cold is to get lots of rest. Whilst this isn’t easy as a student, trying to get a good night of sleep or taking out a few hours to just sit and read can really help your immune system in fighting off the horrific flu.

The second tip would be to stay hydrated! Again, this is difficult as a student, particularly if you’re a fresher and have been consuming a tad too much alcohol over the past few weeks. Nevertheless, keeping a water bottle at hand and drinking hot drinks regularly can really help deal with a cold more effectively.

The next tip would be to make sure you’re eating healthily. Your body needs more fruit and vegetables in order to fight off the cold. A good option to go for is always soup. This is both warming and often packed with vegetables which are really great for fighting off a cold.

Whilst there are no medicines to cure a cold, you can purchase certain items to help relieve the symptoms. This includes: Strepsils for a sore throat, cough medicines, and cold and flu relief tablets. Drinking hot water with honey and lemon is also recommended in order to repair your body and fight off the irritating and uncomfortable cold.

Finally, it’s important to know how to avoid getting a cold or to stop one from spreading. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and keep your home, particularly the kitchen, as clean as possible because colds are extremely contagious. Additionally, if you leave your heating on overnight or for too long, it can cause bacteria to grow and spread – ultimately causing an increase in the spread of colds.

Colds are incredibly irritating and contracting one is almost inevitable as a student. Hopefully these tips will help to make the process of dealing with a cold less frustrating for you in the future!


Jessica Farmer